Sunday, February 13, 2011


2010- A quick summary cause I'm a big slacker.

Went to Cancun.

Saw my little bro graduate AIT as an Apache mechanic with the National Guard.

Went to Tony's Grove lake with Family- nieces and nephews loved the water.

Met my newest (and plumpest) nephew Elijah in Florida.

Listened to bro in law (Chief Juancho) play some sweet tunes on his new Guitar.

Took the annual Flaming gorge trip and tried my best to grow a mustache.... total failure.

Ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay- loved it!

Took a sweet trip to the gorgeous Oregon Coast..... someday I'll live there.

While a plethora of things happened in 2010 (both good and bad), I failed to capture most of the major events with my camera...... maybe this year will be better?

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Shaunna said...

You finally posted! Good for you. Glad to see parts of my little family in the highlights from your year (although, technically, that was 2011).